Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, to be a care free kid

Oh, to be a Kid. I gotta say, I do admire the carefree attitudes kids have. Yeah, sure they experience those Oscar winning dramatic tantrum moments, but for the most part they are carefree just taking life as it comes, and even quite resilient to disappointing situations. After they accept their Oscar from their tantrum they move on to enjoying their day rather quickly. It is always amusing to me just to sit back at times and watch kids in their element. Today I was playing a softball game. It was crazy hot and I was sweating in places I would rather not mention, and I am sure you are glad I didn’t. Anyway, I came back in from playing the field to find a 5 year old I didn’t even know drinking my water bottle. As thirsty as I was I just looked at the kid and said, “Oh, yeah you can have that now, I am not THAT thirsty.” I barely drink after the kids who share my DNA, let alone a kid I didn’t even know. It was another moment that I just had to laugh at the carefree attitude of kids. They are anything goes and they just don’t have the same hang-ups us adult do. At this point in time I was sitting next to one of my team mates who is quite the “germ-a-phobe.” She and I were both chuckling at this kid drinking a total strangers water. On the way home I kept having flashes in my head of the things I have seen kids do. I have had two nephews now eat dirt by the spoonful and seem to like it, it is crazy what kids will put ketchup on, and not only does Bo thoroughly enjoy eating his boogers, I am quite sure he is willing to share. They just don’t care. And as far as stress, they worry much less about things than we do. They are simply themselves. I don’t recall Bo stressing about left over dinner on his cheeks in front of company, I mean can’t you just hear him saying to himself in the mirror, “Oh my gosh how long have I had that macaroni noodle stuck to my nose, oh how embarrassing.” Nope he would look in the mirror and be excited about his new found snack. He could care less about forgetting to zip his pants up, shoot I don’t think he takes the time to put his pants on half the time. The other day he was in undes and a T-shirt and I had to convince him it was against the law to attend his big brothers little league game in such attire. Just the other night waiting for the fireworks to start in Jackson, he stepped into the 5 foot little space of grass amongst the crowd took a leak. There are kids, including mine, who will talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. They just crack me up, they really just don’t care. What you see is what you get! Which is actually quite refreshing when you think about it.

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