Monday, June 20, 2011

United we stand, even in Walmart

Today as I was driving down the road with my windows rolled down, just taking in the beautiful farmland and the warm air, my thoughts went to how much I love living in my little farm town. Today I went to Charlotte for breakfast with my Dad, and on our way out the door we exchanged a friendly “how’s it goin” with a local farmer walking in. I just love that! I love when there is a relaxed feeling in the day and one can exchange a friendly hello with a stranger, or a wave to a neighbor as you drive down the street. It got me thinking about the human race and how deep down we all care and support each other. I know at times it doesn’t seem like it. We all have our different baggage that we carry day to day, affecting each other in ways at times that seem to be destructive. There are disputes within families and offenses between co-workers and such a hustle and bustle in this busy world with all of us trying to make a name for ourselves. It seems at times that people are too busy to notice anyone else. We all tend to get so caught up with the stresses in our lives that we forget sometimes that man is not an island. We don’t have to talk to people to pump our gas our buy our groceries. It is very easy to let the busy times and stresses we take on to create what seems like a separation between us as mankind. But I know deep down we all truly care about each other, and I love that! You see the true essence of mankind reveal itself when we are faced with adversity and destruction to mankind itself. The common thread that ties us all together no matter what race, sex, social status, religion, or baggage is human pain. We all relate to each other, and even come together to unite as an indestructible force when facing devastations. Just look back at the past 10 years. When the levy broke, when the tsunami hit, when the tornados raced across the states, and when the twin towers came down on that somber day in New York. On those days all our stresses, social statuses, difference in religions, and all the little offenses over who stole whose lunch out of the fridge in the break room just didn’t matter anymore. When these devastations occur we get back in touch with the value for human life itself, no frills and lace, just appreciation and care for the person walking down the street next to you, living and breathing trying to do the very best they can. And it is beautiful days like today, as I wave to my neighbor spreading his manure on the field next to me that I am so grateful for this life, the people all around me living this life, and the metaphorical manure that gets spread here and again to bring us all together and remind us how grateful for each other we really are. So as these summer months are finally encouraging us to come out from hibernation, as you find yourself walking down the street, or into walmart, take the time to tip your hat as they did back in the day and give a friendly hello accompanied by a genuine appreciate of your fellow man. It is a great day to live. So for a moment here and there let us toss our cares aside and enjoy this life together!

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