Monday, July 25, 2011

What is your choice?

Well, it is time to tell you what I have been learning these days. Last month I kept finding my self, to be quite frank, down in the dumps. I was allowing my thoughts to tear me down. I was allowing unrealistic expectations to discourage me, and allowing my fear to immobilize me and keep me so busy worrying. After some thinking I realized that at this point in my life it was about a choice. It was about choosing to believe in me and my dreams even if I didn’t feel the “magic.” I realized I was looking for the magic door that said “This way is the RIGHT way.” I was waiting for the music that “Rockey” ran up the stairs to, or that “Rudy” ran out on to that football field to. I was waiting for that magical “Hollywood” “feel good” moment, that moment in the movies when the actor is being courageous and taking a risk that ultimately pays off. The actor is usually defying odds or choosing to believe in themselves when no body else is. But what I realized is there is no music. My Uncle says, “In real life the music comes after the courageous moment.” In the moments before the music plays is when you have to make a choice to believe in you. These moments are usually out of our comfort zone, and there are usually a million voices telling us why we can’t. In these moments there is no inspirational music playing. The only thing playing is our thoughts and that is where we make a choice about what we are going to believe. The moments are when you realize you forgot to send your kid with his lunch and rather than think about what an unorganized parent you are, or think about what everyone else must be thinking of you, in that moment you accept yourself mistakes and all and choose to believe “you are a dang good parent.” It is when you are at work, or home, or even just out with friends that you choose to believe in you, casting aside the fear of what every one else might be thinking. ‘Cause the truth of the matter is, the only thing they are thinking about you, is wondering what you are thinking about them. And when we choose to believe in ourselves in the little everyday moments, then we will start believing in our selves the moments that seem more challenging. As we make the choices to believe in us even though it is uncomfortable and there is no climatic them song, after we make the choice then comes the feeling of empowerment, and that my friend “feels” like music.

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