Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The best dad in the world!

I was standing at my fridge getting a glass of water, listening to the kids laughing with their Dad in the other room when one by one, including Michael, they all went running by screaming and chasing each other. And then moments later that all ran back by, still screaming, shouting and laughing, till they all ended up in one big pile in the living room. Ya know, there are times I wish my husband would act more like a grown up and get the kids to bet on time, make sure they bathe enough and tell them to put their clothes in the dirty laundry when they take them off. I wouldn’t even mind if he put his own clothes in the hamper, it be like the cherry on top of an ice cream Sunday. But setting a few concerns aside I am glad I married and over sized kid. I love that more of my stuff has been broken by the balls my husband has thrown in the house. It keeps me young and makes me laugh. I love that he rolls in the floor with them. I love that he can take on all five of us in a wrestling match, kids and mom versus Dad. I love that he can remind me of what really matters. And sometimes what really matters is running through the house like hooligans. So as I throw his dirty socks in the hamper, I stay “Thanks for being the coolest Dad in the world.”

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