Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can I get an "AMEN SISTA!"

I gotta say, after a long day, there is nothing like a comfy pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Between my regular job of motherhood and on top of that marketing to get the Value Based Parenting class into more schools, and on top of that working a TurningLeaf Seminar last week, it seems my hours are racking up. And then today I watched my sister’s kids for her. Now that my youngest is 4, I seem to struggle a bit going back to the “eating small objects and stale macaroni off the floor” stage. But just to make sure I have absolutely no chance of ever getting baby fever again, lol, I took Bo and my sister’s two kids to Meijer today. Bo and Ayden weren’t terrors, but they were very energetic and excited to be in Meijer together. The trip sounded a lot like this, “Bo and Ayden slow down! Get back here! Don’t climb on that! Ewww, gross, Ayden, don’t put your mouth on that.” They did have to take a few time outs hanging on to the cart. But for the most part they were just LOUD. I have no doubt that if my sister had walked into Meijer at that same time today, WITHOUT her cell phone, she would have been able to find me quite easily. And as for Zayne, her 1 year old, well he was pretty quiet. He just kept trying to eat my groceries the more they got to his reach. And then I made the mistake of putting my bananas, the last item to get, right in the seat next to him. It wasn’t until I unloaded my groceries onto the conveyer belt that I noticed he had bitten a chunk out of one of my bananas, skin and all. I had to stick my finger into his slobbery mouth and retrieve the skin so he wouldn’t choke. Gross! Thanks goodness that kid is so cute. Lol Then tonight our evening was filled with soccer in the rain, boy scouts, and other work I had to get done. So by the end of my day I was so ready for my sweats. I actually got excited going up the stairs as I anticipated my comfy sweats, a t-shirt, my bed, and my TV remote. Can I get an “AMEN SISTA!”

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