Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh to be a woman!

Well, this is my last post concerning my vacation. Our cruise was over. I said my goodbyes, with tears in my eyes. (As I said in my earlier post, I am such a sap) My family and I crossed the gangway, and were waiting in line for a taxi. As we waited there talking of our favorite parts of the trip, my stomach started cramping. Well, ya see, it was “that time of the month.” I am trying to be sensitive with my wording, just in case any guys are reading. Ya know how they are when you say the word “period.” Ooops, to late now. Anyway, my husband saw my pain and asked if I was ok. “Oh yeah, as soon as I can sit I will be fine.” I responded. Well, it came out of know where. Next thing I know I am lying across my son in the back seat moaning in pain. And then to make matters worse I got very nauseous. I was squeezing Michael’s hand and breathing as if I was having contractions. I just kept telling myself, “Seriously Jamie, you have birthed 4 children without an epidural, surely you can handle some menstrual cramps.” I kept debating in my head how much longer I had be for I vomited all over this poor cabby’s back seat. I wanted to just pull over but I didn’t want the meter to keep ticking. I can just see that when recording receipts. “Two dollars for Jamie to throw up on the side of the highway.” Those cab rides aren’t cheap. But I finally just couldn’t take it anymore. With tears streaming down my face I leaned up and whimpered to Michael. “you better get me outa here, I am going to barf all over the place.” Telling the cab driver of my predicament, we made our way to an off ramp. As soon as the car stopped Michael helped me out. And there I was bent over the weeds on the side of the highway somewhere in L.A, still trying not to throw up, cause I HATE throwing up. Now that I wasn’t being jostled around in the back of a “LA cab ride”(reference to my first day of vacation post) I was feeling a bit better. I got back in the cab, still breathing like a woman in labor. I felt pretty silly. It’s not like I had a great story like “hey we are having a baby” nope, it was “hey I am having my period” oh yeah, that is something you want to broadcast. We made it to the airport, and I walked in, found a spot by the wall and just lay down. Michael found me some Motrin in our suitcase and I took the maximum dosage. We were a sight. While Michael checked out bag the kids (Josh and Kate) just sat next to me, while I was lying there on the floor, still without a cool story. Fortunately no one asked what was wrong with me. Not exactly the story the kids want to take back to show and tell. After about 20 minutes my drugs kicked in and I was fine. I am glad it was short lived, but still a bit embarrassed. Oh well, at least I got a blog out of it. What else was I going to write about. Bo wasn’t with us. lol

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