Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A story from my Sis

All in the day of a Mom

I am so proud of my little man!! He is going to be 3 in September and he wore his big boy undies today for the morning and kept them dry the whole time :) My morning started out pretty good. A friend of mine stopped by with some grass fed beef that I can't wait to taste. We had coffee and caught up on life. I made Ayden breakfast, cooked my dessert to take to my meeting tonight, got both my boys dressed and even fed my porky one all by 11. My floors were swept, I vacuumed my stairs (Which Im not even going to say how long its been) toilets clean, started the shopping list for this weekend and did bills. Wow!!! I was Wonder Woman! Well then Zayne decided he wanted to get cranky about an hour before he was supposed to go back to sleep. I try to keep him awake after his morning nap til 1:30 so I can lay both my boys down. Even Wonder Woman needs quiet time :) So I tell myself were gonna hold him off. I have been doing great all morning, and hour should be a piece of cake. Hah! I throw some onions in a pan to cook up for some stir fry for lunch, start making Zayne a bottle and try and mix up some banana bread in the process. Zayne is literally on my legs so I can't get from one end of the kitchen to the next. I burnt the onions while running upstairs to get Ayden a pair of pants because it's “too cold” to ride his gator. I just want to look at him and let him know it's still summer. Try to save the onions which now look like black and brown worms, but I decide to keep them anyway. Throw in some peas and corn, little brown rice, pink salmon and some tamari sauce and all is good. Give Ayden a bowl and begin cleaning my kitchen up while putting whiny butt in his high chair for some peas. A few minuets later Ayden comes to me with a disgusted look on his face and tells me he doesn't like it. I go over to the stove and taste my stir fry. YUCK!!!! Yup burnt onions don't hide well. We scratch lunch and have Popsicles instead. We head upstairs for some toy room time. Going up the stairs with porky I tell myself there is my workout for the day when I notice Ayden reaching for his buns. “Do you have to go poop? Tell me so you don't go in your underwear” “Um...nope...” We get to the top of the stairs and he suddenly looks up at me and says “Yup....I do”. We run into my bathroom, rip his skibby's down and plop him on the pot. Sure enough to little logs came out and we rejoiced. However in the middle of our potty party I realized porkums was gone. I run out to the hall remembering I didn't shut the gate and get there just in time to grab him from tumbling down the stairs. GEEZ!!!! I bring him back into the bathroom to find my son had gotten off the toilet himself and was so proud. I was doing the fake “yeah” face because all I could see were the brown streak marks on my seat and was hoping no dingle berries feel off as he jumped around in excitement. I laid him on the floor to wipe him up and he started to ask me about baby Zayne.....BABY ZAYNE!!!! I jumped up from wiping Aydens bum, run into the bathroom, grab Zaynes hand just before he reached for the terd that was still floating in the water. The toilet is his fun place right now :( I shut the lid flushed the toilet and came out to see Ayden wiping his own butt. So proud he was. I just looked at him and decided to bleach his hands and in the tub they both go. Thank goodness nap time was minuets away!!! For all those men out there that think we sit at home watching Days of Our Lives, eating bon bons...try this one on for size. Because all of us women know the turnout of this story had a man been in charge and not Wonder Woman Mom :)

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