Monday, October 3, 2011

What matters most- Vacation, vacation, vacation!

Well it seems for the past few years my family has been blessed with the ability to travel, and I am very grateful for the opportunities we have had. This past week we had the opportunity to go on a cruise to Mexico. A very dear friend of mine got married last weekend and invited a group of her friends and relatives to join them on their honeymoon cruise! Sounds funny I know, but what a blast. Ya, see not only is she my friend but she is a colleague of mine through TurningLeaf. As crazy as it my sound, the company I work with is more like a “family” than co-workers. So I was cruising with about 15 people I absolutely love. Mike and I also brought Josh and Kate. Now, normally we would not have invited our children, usually we would have used a big beautiful boat in the middle of the ocean as an escape from parenthood. But another colleague of mine was bringing his and they were the same age as mine. And the funny thing about your kids getting older, is they are more fun to hang with, rather than just little energizer bunnies you have to chase. The kids were great on the cruise. When they weren’t hangin with there new found friends, they were off to their own, “no parents allowed” club. In fact when my daughter was in the front row at a comedy show, the comedian asked her if she had to go to her club so the parents could get a break from the kids, and her response was, “no we go there so us kids can get a break from the parents.” Not quite what the comedian expected, but it did help him get a few extra laughs.

So not to bore you, I will divide the trip up into a couple blogs, and give you the details I thought to be interesting. Starting out with the wedding in long beach, the night before we embarked on our voyage. The wedding was actually beautiful and perfect. I even cried. I am such a sap these days. It seems the older I get the sappier I get. I cry when babies are born, when people get married, and apparently I also cry when I have to leave my friends after a week long cruise, but that is a later story. Anyway, as I was saying the wedding was great it was the cab rides that were dramatic. “Get me to the church on time.” Well, he did, only it wasn’t a church it was a beach. Oh my gosh, cab drivers in Long Beach will make you a praying person. I am a praying person anyway, God and I chat everyday, but I think I talked to him the whole 10 minute ride to and from the wedding. Oh my gosh. Climb in the cab and off we go whipping out onto the street. It was like the driver thought I was having a baby and he was rushing us to the hospital. And there were some moments when we were shifting in and out of lanes I thought the next stop just might be the hospital. It was at this point in time I let any fear of my boat sinking or getting captured by pirates go, and figured if I survived the cab rides, the boat would probably be the least of my worries. Besides our room was on floor 12, so it would be one of the last to sink. Only problem was I had misunderstood. My room number was 1268. Deck 12, room 68, right?! As we were walking down the gang way we were counting up the Decks. Whoa. Deck 12 looked as though it had big windows on the whole wall of the cabin. Oh I could hardly wait to open my widow and feel the fresh air through my room. But nope, the room was actually number 268. Yup, so you know what that means. My Deck would be the FIRST to go under. As we stepped into the cabin and saw our box of a window, which of course did not open, my claustrophobia kicked into high gear. However, when I quite thinking of the Titanic I began to enjoy looking at the ocean out of my little box. After all I did survive the cab ride, right!

Well, I feel as though I am getting long winded. Tune in tomorrow and I will talk about Mexico. I definitely felt like a “gringo.”

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