Monday, September 19, 2011

Can you imagine "not" having kids?

The other day Michael and I were trying to remember our life before kids. We had gone to a wedding and were looking at the newlyweds and reminiscing of our own wedding, which lead the line, “Remember what it was like before kids.” We had to work really hard to remember. Michael and I found out we were expecting after being married for 5 months. So after 13 years of marriage, it is a little difficult to remember the one year with out kids. The one year we could decide to go to dinner and not have to figure out who was going to watch the kids. The one year we didn’t have to think about packing the diaper bag. We would just grab a jacket and go. No baby carrier, no pack-n-play, no portable high chair. The one year I arrived to a gathering with my hair DONE, and no extra accessorizing, such as drool, spit up, or stale food on my shirt. The one year I would walk through my door at the end of a long day, grab a bowl of cereal for dinner, throw my PJ’s on, and watch TV. Nobody else to feed, bathe, and put to bed. The one year I wasn’t a taxi service to someone half my size who seems to have more of a life than I do. After Michael and I laughed about how that year seems like make-believe at this point in time, he looked at me and said. “Can you imagine not having kids now.” Suddenly the last 12 years flashed before my eyes. All the 1st steps, and 1st words. All the coloring on the walls, cars in toilets and TV remote controls in my cup of water. All the soccer games, T-ball games, and basketball games. All the school plays, choir and band concerts. All the good night kisses. And most of all the laughter. I love that my house is filled with kids laughing. It warms my heart and makes me forget all my cares. My kids mean the world to me. And I am so glad to have each and everyone! So NO I can’t imagine not having kids.

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