Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to the Baby groove. It's just like riding a bike...Not really.

So because I have had four kids, one of which was “Bo”, I sometimes feel like I am a “Pro” at having kids over. What’s one more, right? Well, every time my sis has me baby-sit, I realize, you forget real quick what a one-year-old is like. Occasionally I let each of my kids have a friend over all on the same day, Bo included. And those days are easier than the morning I recently spent with my sisters little ones here. In between doing dishes I had to run after Zayne, one time saving HIM from the stairs and another time saving my office from HIM. I have a toy room full of toys, but he would rather chew on my pens and bang on my computer. And while I was chasing Zayne, Ayden was down stairs squirting the shampoo form Josh’s bathroom onto Bo’s tent. While Bo just laughed at him. And he colored on my walls with Bo’s markers, at least those are washable. Later that day when the kids were home from school, Timmy nonchalantly came up to me and said, “Mom is Zayne allowed to have cheese popcorn?” “Um NO” I said “Is he eating some?” I asked “Yeah” Timmy so casually answered, as I ran down the hall to apprehend Zaynes mid afternoon snack he found on the floor. Whew, you would think going back to the “Baby thing” would be like riding a bike- Apparently not. Lol

Well, at least I know if MY kids don’t succeed in teaching me patience, I always have my sisters kids to finish off the job. lol

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