Monday, September 12, 2011

My Bossy "Foreman"

You may have noticed that Bo has not been giving me as much blog material as he used to. I am finding he is trading in some of his toddler mischief’s for a pair of bossy pants. Rather than coloring on the walls, or playing in the toilet, he insists on “working.” And it’s not like he is working “for me” - he wants to be the boss of himself, AND me. Lately he insists on loading the dishwasher himself, telling ME where he thinks the soap should go and how much to put in. I usually just put soap in one of the compartments, he likes to use both, but then I end up drinking soap later. Yesterday he put a load of clothes in the washer, including who knows how much soap, and started it before I even knew it. Yes, he is helpful and that is great but heaven forbid you HELP or even make a suggestion as to how to do his job. He has been vacuuming lately too, but he is getting better at that. I haven’t had to pull a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or any action figures out of the hose lately. So that is nice and it keeps him busy for a ½ hour or so. I gotta say, the kid is going to go far in life. How many babies of the family work their way to the “managers” position, bossing their 3 older siblings around. He went from having 5 bosses to me threatening him with…”If you don’t let me help you, then you can’t clean my house!” Really! LOL I can’t believe those words come out of my mouth.

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