Monday, September 5, 2011

Always Kiss Me Goodbye

Kate and I were taking a girls day out today. I ran back into the house to get a jacket and before I walked out again I walked up to Michael, who was standing a the stove making grilled cheese sandwiches, and I stood by him and tilted my head waiting for another good bye kiss. Michael turned to look at me and Bo, who was sitting at the kitchen table said, “Kiss her Dad!” With a grin on his face Michael did what he was told. And on my way out the door I stopped and got a kiss from Bo. Then I had to come back in the house again for something ELSE I forgot. I stopped back by the stove to get another kiss from my man, and as I stood there with my held tilted once again, Bo said, “Kiss her again Dad!” Laughing, once again Michael did what he was told. On my way out I kissed Bo once again, and Bo looked at me and said, “You really like those kisses, don’tcha mom.” What a cutie I tell ya.

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