Friday, August 26, 2011

Laugh like a kid!

What is it about watching kids laugh and play that is so rejuvenating? I took my kids to the splash pad today, and as I watched them giggle and chase each other through the 20 different devices shooting water in all different directions I just felt my heart lighten. The past few days have been filled with some of life’s many “adventures.” Two days ago my air conditioning quit working in my, again. Mind you, this is after we just spent bucket load to FIX it. Then that same day, at the beach with my mom, someone stole her purse out of my van. They must have opened my side door, which we just discovered the lock is sticking on it. Some times it sticks locked, sometimes it sticks unlocked. Yet another thing that needs to be fixed on my van. And today I went to Belle Tire, AGAIN, to get my NEW tires FIXED, AGAIN. Fortunately it was a factory error, so no money out of my pocket, just time out of my day. But after Belle Tire, the kids and I headed up the road to a near by splash pad for some fun. As I sat their in the warm beautiful sun watching them, all my worries and frustrations just didn’t seem to be worth thinking about. It was as if I absorbed their carefree attitude and the magic in their laughter melted my cares away.

During our time there I notice this guy, who looked like the Grandfather of the little boy following him around. This guy, except for the gray hair in his beard and hair, looked just like one of the kids. He wasn’t just following the kid around. He was standing enthusiastically under dumping buckets, diving through waterfalls, and even had a shoot out with water cannons with one of MY kids. Hillarious.

Soon the kids fun was so contagious I had to join! I didn’t look nearly as kid-like as the “Grandpa” but it was fun running through the tunnels and letting Bo shoot me with the water cannon. I even stood under the dumping bucket, per Josh’s orders. Lol It is amazing what we can learn from our kids!

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