Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't eat and drive...a cart.

I had a softball tournament tonight, that was fun, but by the time I headed home I was starving! I had to stop at Meijer for some cereal and a couple of other things and I really didn’t want to, I was tired and hungry. But I decided a subway sandwich sounded good and there was a subway right in front of Meijer. So I got my sub and parked in the Meijer parking lot. I thought I would eat in the van and then shop, but then that would delay my arrival time to my pillow and bed tonight. So I pulled out my 6 in. and decided to shop and eat at the same time. Without my napkin no less. There I was pushing my cart with one hand and holding my sandwich with the other. I did my best not to make a mess, but anyone who knows me personally will know that Jamie and food always means a mess. In fact when I was pregnant Michael would call my round belly his carpet saver, cause by the end of the day he could see how much would have actually ended up on the floor. So there I was with honey mustard down my shirt and a banana pepper sitting on the cart handle. “Whatever” I thought, I don’t know any of these people in here staring at me personally. Ooops, spoke to soon, I ran into a guy who Michael went to college with. And those of you who, again, who know me personally, know I can’t help but strike up a conversation. So wiping the honey mustard off my chin I said, “Hey, did you go to Spring Arbor.” “Yeah” he said with a puzzled look. “I am Mike Lightners wife.” I said
“Oh yeah I remember Mike.” He said. As we exchanged goodbyes I darted to the other side of the store hoping not to run into him again. I just had to laugh. A wife would like to think of herself as arm candy for her man, or ya know, someone they like to show off. And there I was stuffing my face in the middle of Meijers. Michael will be so proud. Lol

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