Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A damsel in distress...again.

I had it all together. Josh had soccer practice tonight and then we were off to the lake to try and soak up the remaining days of summer. I prep-made meat and cheese burritos so the kids could eat dinner while the boys got the boat ready, that way we could have optimal time on the water. I was so together it was almost scary. I even managed to get Josh to soccer only 2 minutes late. I took the rest of the kids to the playground to play during Josh’s practice, AND I cleaned out my van AND made my dinner menu for the week while the kids played. Seriously, I don’t think Martha Stewart or Wonder Woman could say so much. At precisely 6:27 I rolled in to pick up Josh and off to the lake we went!! About five minutes down the road my van made an all to familiar sound. I pulled to the side of the road and sure enough my tire was completely flat. Good news is I knew exactly what to do in case of a flat tire. I whipped out my cell phone and dialed 1-800-MY MAN. Yup, that is what I was taught to do. I don’t think I could change a tire if I had a million dollars riding on my success. I’m just not that kinda girl. It’s like when I go get my oil changed and the speedy place, and when they are finished they bring me the dip stick and say, “How’s that look ma’am.” I look at the dip stick and think to myself. “Uh, I don’t know, it looks like something dirty and greasy if you ask me. If you would have shown me a newly set of painted toe nails I could give my opinion, or I could identify how much milk to put in the pancake batter by sight rather than measurement, but OIL, I have know idea! But of course when the kid brought the stick to my window I carefully inspected it, and said, “Yup, good job boys.” Anyway, back to the real story. (Whew, as much as I talk I coulda filled that tire up my tires myself.) So I called Michael, and he was on his way.

He brought the air compressor so he could possibly fill it up and just get it home, seeing we were just five minutes away. When he arrived he realized he grabbed the wrong tool to attach to the air compressor. So back to the house he went. Finally, he was back with the right tool. He filled the tire up and we made it a ¼ of a mile further down the road. Hmmmm. This could take awhile!

He pulled off and started working to get the spare tire down. I took the truck to go get some bug spray for him. The spare tire was not coming down. Finally, after forty minutes of working on it he just cut the cable that was holding it in place. We figured a spare tire stuck to the bottom of my van wasn’t gonna help me ever anyway. Finally, covered in dirt, sweat and bug bites he drove my van home with the spare tire, and I followed in his truck. Poor guy, I felt bad for him. There are so many times I whine about being the wife and all the work I have to do, but thank God I am not the husband. He is my knight in shining armor, rescuing his damsel in distress… AGAIN.

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