Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello all!! It's me Jessica! Today was eventful. Well not was just a regular day but it felt eventful. I didn't even leave the house. Ever had those days where you head is so full of things that have to be done around the house, your grocery list, people you want to send notes too, gifts to mail, a workout to get in on top of all of your regular daily activities that you do with 2 kids. Woke up this morning feeling great. My kids still sleeping, house clean and picked up, coffee in hand. It was beautiful outside so I go and sit on the porch. Begin reading an insightful book hoping to get a few morsels for the day. As I start reading my mind trails off to my to-do list and things I need to pick up at the store. I scold myself and begin reading again. Then I start thinking of the letters I need to write and the gifts I need to get in the mail. Oh and my car is a mess, yup and gotta clean out that stale bottle I threw in the garage in a hurry which now probably looks like a science project and I don't even want to guess what it smells like....oh right...reading. I think I read the same paragraph about 4 times before I just decided to sit and think. Let me tell ya, if you don't put a time limit or boundaries on your thoughts you could sit there all day and spiral yourself into a hole. I'm just gonna let you in on my thought process because I know you can all relate. I should really clean my baseboards, ugh and my bathroom floors need to be swept and mopped...gosh what a rotten housekeeper I am, I hate it that I yelled at Ayden today. I need to be more patient with my kids. They will grow up thinking it's ok to yell. Why am I a mom? I'm not cut out for this. I'm too selfish. I don't even want to think about how ridiculous I've been to my husband. Why does he love me still. I'm so mean and he's so great. And how does he still think I'm hot. Have you looked at yourself lately Jess? I mean really have you ever been fatter in your life. Your family could survive for a week off your love handles alone.

Yea...that was my thought process this morning. Great way to start off the day huh? Writing this and seeing everything on paper makes me realize even more how I need to put a boundary on those thoughts and when I start to wander down that path I need to change everything. That's why they say Yoga is the best workout for your body. Because the types of positions have your body working muscles on one plane and then switch to the opposite plane with different muscles. So I encourage you that when you start to down yourself change up everything from that moment. Go blow up water balloons with your kids, put some music on and fly like butterflies around the house, or visit the rainforest and jump like frogs, then visit the safari and crawl like lions. Anything to change your thought process at that moment. And then when you are out of it for a little bit replace all those thoughts with thoughts of joy and gratitude. I'm thankful I can have kids, and they are healthy and they love me. I'm thankful I make mistakes so my kids are gonna know its ok for them to make mistakes. I'm thankful I don't have to be the perfect wife, my quirks are why my husband married me in the first place. And try this one on....Of course my husband thinks i'm hot...because I am...I am SMOKIN!!!! I usually then go put on a thong or something sexy for a little bit. (can never stay in those things too long or I just get frustrated ;) ) Anything to jump start you down a positive thinking path. It might all be fake in the beginning, but do it enough and stay on top of your thoughts enough and it will become like second nature and you'll notice that things just fall into place. You don't yell as much, you don't stress about the house as much and you just start living life...a happy life!

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