Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's party time

Tonight was a blast. Being the type of mom I am, my son has had a “friend birthday party” only one other time in his life. Now before you think I am horrible and he is probably going to need therapy, let me tell you he has a BIG family party every year when ALL his aunt and uncles and cousins come over. So he still may need therapy later on in life, but it won’t be because he didn’t feel loved on his birthday. Lol So this year for his 12th birthday we decided to let him have a “laser tag friend party. Of course Mike and I played laser tag with them, that is just how cool we are! And they kicked our butts, that is just how OLD we are. Mike and I were both sweating. You would have thought we were one of the kids. It was so much fun, but I gotta say the highlight of my night was the arcade. Not because I am all that into arcade games but there was one point during the night I looked across the room to see this guy getting his groove on, doing the Dance Dance Revolution game. And to my surprise it was my husband. I mean yes when we are at home my man is a giant goofball. But when in public he is usually pretty reserved. But I guess Jake has been quite the influence on him ‘cause there he was shaken it in front of everyone. I couldn’t help but laugh. He had his arms going and was getting his swagger on!!!!! So tonight I encourage you to find your inner kid and have a little fun. I know we did and it was great!!!

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