Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To the finish line.

I went for a run the other day, something I used to hate doing I now crave. I don’t really crave the run itself, I crave the feeling that comes afterward. It is a great stress relief and I have more energy when I exercise regularly. But I noticed something when I ran the other day. I had made it around the track twice and had to stop and walk for a few seconds, and then finished my mile jogging. I noticed that while I was walking the chatter in my mind was not my favorite. I wanted to just RUN the whole mile, I felt like by walking for 15 seconds I was coming up short. Even though my results would still be the same. I would complete my mile and still feel that wonderful feeling after a good workout. And it reminded me of how I handle my life at times. Pushing, and pushing to get it all done at once. My all or nothing mentality, whether it be as a wife, parent or life coach, always pushing to complete the next task or step. But sometimes it feels good to just walk for minute. Sometimes we get so focused on the finish line we forget to enjoy the run, even if it means slowing down and walking for a minute.

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