Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk, Talk, Talk!

Oh my gosh, Bo talks to EVERYONE! I did grocery shopping today and Bo talked to everyone he passed. And to top it off his favorite word these day is Why? I was reading a Dr. Suess book to him yesterday and after every page he would ask, why? Yeah. Try explaining “why” Dr. Suess’ characters do what they do. Anyway, every time he saw someone stocking shelves he would ask “What you doing?” followed by “Why?” Then he was putting the brown sugar in my cart. I usually pull the items off the shelf and he puts them in the cart. Well, before he put the sugar into the cart he noticed it smelled funny to him. “Mom, mom, smell this, it smells yucky.” So to humor him I smell the sugar and then go on reading prices of items on the shelf. And then I looked toward my cart just in time to see him sticking the bag of brown sugar under an older ladies nose, saying “Smell this it smells yucky.” The woman was a good sport about it, she just laughed as I tried to apologize for my sons unawareness of the “personal space” box. “Bo, go put the sugar in the cart.” I said as I went back to scanning the items on the shelf. And I looked up to check on Bo again, I saw him walking over to a man stocking shelves, holding his sugar high in the air, saying “smell this it smells yucky.” “Bo! No, he doesn’t want to smell your sugar, now put it in the cart!” I said sternly, afraid he might just shove his bag of sugar in the guys face whether he wanted to smell it or not. Fortunately that was the end of asking people to smell things. He still talked to everyone we past, asking them what they were doing and why they were doing it. It took me forever to get through the grocery store just because Bo had to be social with EVERYONE. That kid can talk all day! I am sure he gets it from his DAD. LOL

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