Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Answers to...You know you need new brain cells when...

The tooth fairy fails to complete her duties for the fifth night in a row. Just sayin'. ~Janet

You look in the same spot for your purse three times before you finally see that it's actually there. ~Janet

You check your cell phone to see what time it is and have to check it twice more to remember to look at the time. ~ Janet

You put your trash in the sink and throw away your dinner dishes. ~Julie

You call the dentist's office to see if you left your bite guard on the counter and find it in your purse. ~Theresa

When you send your kids off on the bus and wonder why there is a backpack strapped to your shoulder! ~Susan

You yell "Go Blue" at your boy's basketball team and it's halftime! ~Laura

I was talking to mom while driving to work and feeling around my purse to find my phone, i was so frustrated because i thought i figured i left my phone at home so i turn around and then realize that i was on the phone...all the while i was telling mom all of this and she never even realized The apple doesn't fall far from the ~Katie

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