Wednesday, November 30, 2011

R & R

I wasn’t feeling well Monday. I could feel a cold starting. So after Michael took the kids to school(including Bo, he goes 2 times a week, it is wonderful) I jumped back into bed! I slept until noon. I woke up here and there and had thoughts of everything I should be getting done, while I was paying someone else to watch my kid. But I let go of the guilt, and just rested. I picked up the kids that day and just did minimal clean up. I made a nice pot of hot chili, and the kids and I watched cartoons before they went to bed. It was GREAT! Especially after such a busy week with 2 Thanksgiving, one that was 4 hours from here. It got me thinking about how, as parents, we can be sooooo busy that to take some R & R can be hard to do guilt free. There are always a million things to do. And it is easy to give and give. And it is common to get to the point when we feel bad about just taking some time for ourselves. But that “day off” I gave myself Monday was just what I needed. It felt great, and I still feel a little bit of that cold, but I believe it’s on its way out! So before the craziness of Christmas gets here, don’t forget to take a little R & R for your self.

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