Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeans shopping. I am not sure what is worse, jeans shopping or changing a diaper of a 1 year old with diarrhea, on the side of the road, while it is snowing. Hmmmm. It’s a toss up. Guys just don’t have any idea how hard it is for us to jeans shop. They just go in there with their latitude and longitude numbers and swipe a card. Not us girls. We go to the dressing room with 2 different sizes cause some brands run bigger than others. And then you have the whole ”shape” thing to consider. Some look good on your thighs but sag in the butt. Some give you that booty you always wanted yet the thighs are so tight you might need and amputation by the end of the day! The ones that look great on the butt and thighs are too long or too short. And then we have low rise, mid rise and high rise. Personally I don’t know why low rise so popular. Seriously, growing up we always felt sorry for the kids whose butt crack showed in class, and now seeing a “moon” is part of everyday life. I mean seriously, have we all been so impressed with the long time phrase “plumbers butt” that we now strive to maintain such a reputation. I do wear them myself. Trying to defy my age, hoping to look trendy. However, personally I wish the “mom” jeans would be the trendy style. I actually have a pair that I only wear with sweatshirts so no one will know. But they are great. No one gets a surprise look at my bright white moon, and they give me a place to tuck the excess miss placed skin from carrying 4 babies for 9 months each. Well, actually 8 months, ‘cause just like I cook every meal on high, I cooked my babies on high also. Still they were 8 and 9 pounds each and I couldn’t get enough ice cream with anyone of them. So I like to tuck whatever stretched out shin I have down into my mom jeans, it’s just more comfortable. But even the high wasted pants give me that “plumberie” look. So I guess high wasted really just means “ a little higher than the low rise. Well, there is my soap box, can ya tell what I did today.

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