Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just another day in paradise!

The following is a story from last week that I just didn’t have time to write until this week…..

The day was too good to be true. Travis was over and he and Bo played and played and played. Not one squabble between the two. Jackie had packed a lunch for Travis, which included a lunch for Bo, so I didn’t even need to make lunch for them. Seriously, how much easier can it get. Then the phone rang. It was the elementary school. Apparently I needed to bring Timmy some new pants. I was confused, and the secretary seemed to be confused also as to why my 2nd grader needed new pants. So they put him on the phone and these were Timmy’s words. “Um mom, I went to the bathroom, and while I was standing there peeing I was looking up at the walls and the ceiling just singing some songs, and when I looked down I saw that my pants were wet.” So basically he just missed. I almost just picked all the kids up then seeing it was 1:15 and I had to pick everyone up at 1:40 for a doctors appointment. Wait! No I DON’T! I have to pick them up at 2:40! Oh I better let the teachers know the actual time when I take Timmy his pants.

I left Bo and Travis with my mom just so this blog didn’t double in length with stories of me chasing Bo through the school, while I try to help Timmy get changed. Once Timmy was all set I headed down to inform Timmy’s teacher that I emailed her the wrong time. Ya see, she emailed me earlier asking what time I was picking Timmy up because she was “confused” by my note. I just assumed it was my handwriting, so I emailed her back the incorrect time of 1:40. Nope, apparently I had written that I would need to pick Timmy up at 3:40, mind you school ends at 2:55. Yup, just another day the teachers get to know who I REALLY am. “That Mom”(any of my regular readers know what those quotations mean) lol

After we all were sure what time I was picking the kids up I went to my moms to get Travis and Bo and hoped to vacuum my house before I had to go back to the school at 2:40. However, just as I was about to load the kids in the van I saw my rear tire was totally flat. Ugh!!!!! Really? I don’t do COLD and I don’t do FLAT TIRES! And I certainly didn’t want to do them both at the same time. Usually I call my road side service, ya know, 1-800-MY MAN! But work is so busy right now he couldn’t come to my rescue. So there I was, my hands freezing while I filled my tire with air.

I then rushed the kids to the car, picked up other kids from school, and went to trade vehicles with Michael so I could make it to holt for the doctor appointment. When I carried Bo to the truck I realized he didn’t have a coat and to top it off he was barefoot. He had gone to the van so fast I didn’t even notice. By the time I made it to holt it was raining balls of ice and I walked through the door with a barefoot Bo. Yeah, I didn’t look like the most responsible parent that day. But no call from social services yet, so I must still be meeting the minimum requirement as a parent. lol

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