Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The moments we live for.

I was watching a drama on TV tonight about a missing kid. Usually I refuse to watch any type of show pertaining to a missing kid. Shows like that just mess me up for a week. But it was just one of the episodes in this drama series I regularly watch. It wasn’t too intense, like the movie Ransom, that I will NEVER watch again. But in the end the son was reunited with his parents and as I watched the scene my Mother’s heart was moved. The music was playing, “of course”, and the police officer wrapped the child in a blanket and carried him to the parents. As I watched the parents run for their son, and the police officer place him in their arms and the mom kissed his forehead, I just thought “Yup, that is all that matters.” Parenting is an amazing experience, but it also can be brutal at times, raising human beings with minds of their own. But no matter what trials you may go through, they only thing that matters is that each of my children is in my arms and I kiss their forehead. As I watched that scene, I could feel what it feels like to kiss each of my kids on the forehead, or hold each of them in my arms, and I just thank God that I get to do just that. So as these holidays approach, and things get busy, whether it be last minute Christmas shopping or 4 kids home on break tearing up the house, remember to take your kids in your arms and kiss their foreheads. Those are the moments we live for.

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