Monday, January 2, 2012

What to eat when the Christmas parties are over

This poem was inspired by a conversation I had with one of my friends after Christmas Day. All the parties were done and the cupboards are bare, but no one wants to go to the store….

When Christmas Day is done
And every present a winner
The next day, with wrapping paper still on the floor
You open the fridge and decide what is for dinner

You have spent the day in your jammies and slippers
You don’t care that your house is not tidy and neat
As evening draws near the question remains
“What are we to eat?”

All the food is gone
Except some left over ham from the day before
Perhaps you could eat that
Since you REALLY don’t want to go to the store

Oh potatoe soup!
Your hubby said that will be great
Oh wait, you have no potatoes
I think they are a requirement for this dish to make

Not to worry
Another an idea crossed your mind
How about you create a NEW dish
You have never made, “Ham Pot Pie”

This would be great
And it will only take half and hour
Too bad you made 8 pies for Christmas
And now you have no flour

Oh well, how about breakfast for dinner
The family votes and all agreed
This is sure to shake things up
We will have omelets with ham and cheese

You went to the fridge thinking…
“Oh the kids think this is the best”
Only to feel defeated
When you found the fridge was egg less

Oh my gosh
Creating a meal should not be so hard
Now they are all looking at you
Wondering if they will starve

Finally with all the kids standing there
Asking “Mom what should we eat?”
You grabbed a loaf of bread and threw it on the table
Along with the Christmas ham and some cheese, and said “bon appetit”

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