Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions?????

So every year like everyone else I usually try to think of a couple New Year’s resolutions. Nothing to dramatic, just something to keep me focused on growing and moving forward in my life. Well this year I came up with…

Eating Healthy
Exercising Regularly
Keeping up on the house cleaning
Not yelling at the kids anymore
Not getting snippy with my husband

Well, I got snippy with my husband about the 55 football games he has been watching over the past 3 days, I yelled at my kids this morning. As I am writing, my kitchen looks like dinner blew up in it and there is a pile of unmatched socks at the foot of my bed that I have been adding to all of Christmas break, but who knows if I wait long enough it will probably disappear because that is where everyone is going to get there socks for the day, seeing that there are none left in there drawers. And as far as exercising goes, well other than the walk up the stairs I take before I lie down to take a nap, not much. And eating healthy, hmmmmm, let me put it to you this way…Last night I made myself sick, literally stomach gurgling sick because I ate a half a bag of those candy cane Hershey kisses I got in the half off bin at Meijer. So yeah, as I look over my list of resolutions I think to myself……. nahhhhhh , there is always next year right? lol

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