Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is not going to help my reputation....

Well, as we all know one of the worst fears a parent has is a child getting lost. But what about the fear of accidentally leaving a child somewhere. Yeah, sounds crazy I know, but there are so many times I am looking in my review mirror making sure I have everyone. Now I always know I have Bo, that kid is so loud all the time, I don’t have to check my mirror for him. But as for the others they get quiet sometimes and it makes me feel like I left one. It seems a mother would know if she left a child behind. Well, as if I didn’t already have a reputation at the elementary school, what happened today certainly didn’t help me any. I pulled up to the school as I always do and saw my 3 kids sitting on a bench together just waiting for me. It was quite cute actually. No body was trying to strangle the other, no body was standing at a distance trying to act as if they weren’t related to one another. Cute as can be it just melted my heart. So I pull up and saw them jump up off the bench. Kate hopped in the front seat and I could hear the others piling in the back. “Buckle up” I said as I started across the parking lot. Kate was talking to me, and Bo and Ayden(oh yeah, I had an extra too)were wrapped up in there own conversation about a topic only the two of them could understand. As I neared the stop light by the Dairy Kreme my phone rang.
“Hello.” I said
“Hi mom” said a very familiar voice on the phone.
It sounded just like Josh, but there was know way it could be Josh because he was in the backseat of my van. At least he better be because if he wasn’t that would mean I left him at………..…..
”HUH, DID I LEAVE YOU AT SCHOOL?!” I said suddenly.
“Yup” he responded.
“Oh my gosh Josh, this is not going to help my reputation.” I said looking for some sympathy.
“Nope, it isn’t.” Josh responded with a giggle.
“Ok, I am on my way.”
Oh, yes, another day in a life of a mom, well this mom anyway. I’m sure the secretary just had to shake her head. It was just this past fall I was in her office having her call the Middle school ‘cause I couldn’t find Josh, only to get the report that he was at Reaching Higher(an after school program I signed him up for once a week), where he was supposed to be.
I gotta say though, this time I wasn’t the only crazy one. I’ll have you know, Josh was sitting on the same bench as the rest of them with his nose in a book. Yes, intelligent he may be, but when that kid reads, I swear he literally enters the book. We could have a hurricane or a tornado and I don’t think he would notice. And now I am sure he wouldn’t notice his brother and sister get up off the bench next to him, get in the van, and his mom drive off and leave him there.

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