Monday, February 6, 2012

A lesson in Honesty...It's never to late to be honest.

As a part of Value Based Parenting, we have weekly family council meetings. During these meetings we can make sure we have everything on the calendar, and we use this opportunity to allow everyone, parents and kids, to express concerns or ideas of how things can work better. We also discuss one of our family values to keep learning. Well, tonight we were discussing honesty. While we were discussing the importance of honesty, Timmy pipes up and said, “I have something to say about Honesty.” With all of our attention now on Timmy, this is what he said.

“The other day I snuck and ate three donuts. And then I came and asked you if I could have a donut, and you said yes, so I ate another one. And then later I snuck three more donuts.”

The room filled with laughter at Timmy’s candor. After we were done laughing we further chatted about honesty. It turned out to be a good lesson and I took it as a big sign we must be on the right track, lol, if Timmy felt safe enough to confess at the meeting. I was glad for the experience! It was a teachable moment, while entertaining at the same time.

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