Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kids are too dang funny!

Kids are just too dang funny. When ever it is a school night for Bo I always say, “Ok, Bo you have school tomorrow you gotta get some rest so you can be ready for school?” I do this to try and make putting my hyperactive child to bed easier. Well, last night I said “Are you excited for school tomorrow?” working to get him to think going to sleep is a GOOD idea, and certainly something he is interested in. His answer was, “Yeah, but just a little bit excited. I get a lot excited only when we are going to Disney World not school. I get a lot excited to go to Disney World, and yeah school too. Well, I get a lot excited when we go to Disney World, school, or just to someone else’s house. When are we going to Jackie’s house? That kid is to funny.

Another little story, Timmy has us laughing this time. He noticed a friend of ours had a beard and our friend said maybe he should get rid of it. So Timmy told this story to Michael followed by, “so you can CHOOSE to have a beard or not” lol to funny, the kid apparently thought beards were like freckles. Some get them and some don’t.

It is moments like me that I just soak up as a parent. As you know it can be quite trying at times, but these moments melt away the stress and remind me that LIFE is GOOD no matter what.

If you have some cute stories of your own I would be happy to post them. You can send your story written, to me at Or feel free to give me a call and tell me your story and I will gladly write it for you. 517-242-0224.

Have a great day everyone!

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