Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My philosophical soap box...

Well, today I would like to branch off my post from last night. Ya know, the one where I proclaimed how I am horrible at directions and that I shouldn’t be trusted in reverse. As crazy as the situation was, what bothered me most was the wasted dollar signs and wasted time. When Michael and I were talking about the situation, I was telling him how I wanted to learn to take these “$$$$” costing mistakes that happen, and simply learn from them and move on, rather than spend a lot of energy stressing and obsessing over something I can no longer change. He was surprised to hear that it was the money that I was getting hung up on. His words were, “Hmmmm. For me I see the money as something that we are just going to have to bite the bullet and pay, no use stressing ‘cause there is nothing I can do. However, I would be more embarrassed. Not that you embarrass me, I have been with you long enough now, I am used to you. But if I would have hit your sisters car it would have been hard for me to get over it, because I would be embarrassed.” After he finished his statement I was certainly glad to know that he is used to my shenanigans and he has been with me long enough that he has come to expect them therefore is not embarrassed by them. Now that is LOVE. Lol

But seriously, it was during this conversation that I realized I like to be efficient. I don’t like to “waste” time and I certainly don’t like to waste “money.” If I budget to by a new TV or go on a vacation, well, I sacrifice things like the movies, or eating out, or feeding the kids(just kidding) and I work hard to earn and save so I can afford that TV or vacation. But hitting someone’s car, that is just a waste. That is a lot of eating just thrown right out the window. Or take wasting time for instance, if I have to take the kids to the doctor and I forget to bring something to work on and get something accomplish than I am bummed that I had to sit somewhere for an hour-wasting time. It’s like, if I have 3 hours in town kid free I like to make sure I make the most of it and if I get lost and have to spend 15 minutes finding my way around what a waste.

Which brings me to the question of the night. What is a “waste” of time and what is a “waste” of money. Paying for a new bumper may seem like a waste of money, but in the grand scheme of things, I have a van, that I drive to do many fun things. I could just leave my van sit in the garage so I was sure not to back into anything but then I would miss out on a lot of life. So really I should be grateful for the opportunity to back into my sister’s car, I mean yeah, it’s not like I want to make a habit of it, oh wait, I think I have. Hopefully I will improve, but at least when I am 80 it will make for some stories at the family reunion. And wasting time, hahaha, what the heck is “wasting” time. If I love living, which I do, then how can my time be wasted? Like when I drive all the way into Lansing only to find out the Lab that was going to draw my blood today was closed. I can stress over it, or just enjoy the drive rockin’ out, singing at the top of my lungs to Christina Aguilera. Come to think of it, I am grateful for the opportunity to “waste” time! I can either spend my life obsessing over how to make my time efficient, and stressing when it’s not or I can have fun “wasting” the TIME I have, and loving every minute of it, which when you think of it, is not a “waste of time.

Ok well I will get off my “philosophical soap box. Have a great night and enjoy wasting time.

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