Friday, February 17, 2012

My cute little chef

Bo was so cute he just melted my heart. I was upstairs folding laundry while he was downstairs playing in his toy room. As I was going upstairs I noticed he was in his play kitchen cooking up quite a meal. After about 15 minutes of folding laundry and listening to Bo talk to himself I heard his little voice calling up the stairs. “Mom, come and see what I made you, it is so AWWWWSOME.” I just had to chuckle. As I came down the stairs he pointed me to his kitchen where he had quite the spread. He instructed me to sit down ‘cause it was time to eat. As I sat there I was quite impressed with his attention to detail. In the center of the table he had a stick of butter with some sort of spatula on top of it. Next to the butter he had a top to a hamburger bun. He had 2 teacups with spoons in them, one for me and one for him. I knew this had to be hot chocolate, that seems to be the hot item these days, with the snow and all, and the kids love to sip it off their spoons. Sure enough, when I asked him he said, “Yup, you like some hot chocolate?” “Oh yes” I replied
“Would you like some bread and butter.” He asked as he picked up the top of a hamburger bun and scraped his spatula across the plastic butter.
“Oh, yes please” I said “This food is very good, you are a really good cook Bo.”
His face beamed with pride, accompanied by the cutest little chubby face grin.
“Yes, I am a very good cook.” He said.
I just had to admire how sure of himself he was. It got me thinking, if only we could be so pleased with ourselves. It seems to me we spend a lot of time looking at our shortcomings, when really we would feel better if we “beamed with pride” even over our little accomplishments. So from now on, if I manage to cook dinner “without” making the smoke alarms go off, well, I would say that is something to be proud of. lol

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  1. My Xander loves to cook too, and it is amazing the things he comes up with! I love that kids this age are so self-sure. I wish we could be!