Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh to have a garden. I am sooooo proud of myself. Josh and I went and loaded 46 cement blocks into the back of Mikes truck and then arranged them into a rectangle for my garden. The only thing I asked Michael to do was use the tractor to dump the rectangle. And then Josh planted the garden. Yup, we are quite impressed with ourselves. Now you may be wondering why I didn’t just put my garden in the round like most people do. The answer is a story itself…. About 6 years ago Michael tilled up a plot next to the hayfield. I was sure to be Martha Stewart this fall just canning all my crop. Hmmmm, I guess that might be more like Laura Ingalls? Well, whomever I was going to be, you get the idea. Only problem is, besides my own inherent ability to kill plants, the ground we live on is clay, and despite the tilling, the dirt hardened around my plants like concrete. Long story short, the guy who mows our hay, accidentally mowed my garden in August. I was so upset, there might have been 1 zucinni in there. When I complained to Mike, his words were, “Well Babe, if your garden didn’t blend in with the hayfield, maybe he wouldn’t have mowed it.” And I haven’t done a garden since. But this year my brother-in-law was talking about a raised garden and I decided that is I did that and put Josh in charge of the garden, I just might have a chance at some veggies. Now, I have had 2 casualties thus far. I already lost 2 tomatoes plants and it looks as though a pepper plant needs the ICU, I am hoping it makes a recovery. But with Josh in charge I am very hopeful!!!!! He is doing great!!!! But, despite my crazy gardening story, I totally have to tell you about my mom-in-law. When she put her garden in she put her soaker hose down, then cover it with dirt and newspaper with the intention of cutting holes for her plants, in hopes that this would keep the weeds to a minimum. So she grabbed her carpenters knife and began to cut. It seemed to her a bit harder to cut through then expected, but she is a persistent women, bound and determined to get the job done. But her persistence turned into a comical gardening story when she realized she had cut her soaker hose. When I first heard the story I said, “well, I guess you enhanced your soaker hose.” But I was bent over laughing when she responded with, “Actually I cut through the entire hose.” Hilarious! She cut her hose in half!! So with the theme of gardening, I would love you hear your crazy stories! Please share!!!!

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