Monday, July 2, 2012

What can I say, we start em young. lol

Well, seeing that my baby is 5 and my oldest is 13, he is exposed to more than Dora and Sesame Street. And seeing that Kate is big into music and actually entertains Bo quite often with make believe games, well, he sometimes shows his more “pre-teen girly side.” Lol He can sing most of Taylor Swift’s songs and I just love the way he says “sawenna gomezzzzz.” And I am sure the whole town of Sprinport has hear him sing, BABY YOUR A FIIIIII-YA-WUUUUOOOOOOORRRRRRRK, at the top of his lungs. But as much as I hate to admit it, the funniest thing yet is hearing him singing behind me in the van, in his cutest little munchkin voice….. “Girl wook at dat body, uhhhh. Girl wook at dat body, uhhhhhhhh.” Oh my gosh, thought I as going to die. After he sang for a bit he said, “Mom, Kate said we can’t sing dat song, is she right mom?” Considering that those were the only words he knew, because anywhere ya go that seems to be just about the only words I ever hear, I figured what was the harm. It was funny to hear him sing. So despite my better judgment I said, “well you can sing it here in the van with me.” He then asked why his sister said he couldn’t sing it. Trying to explain the unexplainable to my 5 year old I responded with, “Well, it just isn’t a very polite song, so we don’t want to sing it in front of people.” It was quiet for a couple seconds and then he said, “We o-nee want ta sing it behind dem.” Too funny, I could hardly stop laughing long enough to try to explain, again, what I meant.

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