Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to shcool

Back to school. At the end of summer everyone always asks me, “so are you ready for school to start?” Well, I love summer and the age my kids are at right now, I actually don’t mind having them home anymore. There were times I would like to send my 2 year old in diapers away for a day, lol. So usually at the end of summer I am a little sad to see all the fun over, yet looking forward to a routine again. This fall, however, is a new experience for me. My last baby is off to school. I can’t believe it. After 13 years of having a kid or 2, or 3 at home, they are all in school this year. Last spring I was soooooo excited to go to Kindergarten round up, but I must say, I am a little bit forlorn at the idea of my baby off to school. So I thought for fun of it I would put up a poll. Asking the famous question…”so are you ready for school to start. So add your answer to the poll. Feel free to vote for all that apply.

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