Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cleaning not really just a time saving tip.

Ok I have stumbled onto an amazing discovery. A couple of weeks ago I was walking across the floor and discovered a sticky spot. Yuck. Of course I thought to myself, “you better get your mop out and clean that up. But a day went by and the spot was still sticky. So I of course thought again, “ok, as soon as I am done cleaning the main floor I will mop.” But again, the day went by and no mopping took place. Finally, after about five days the spot had collected so much dirt that was tracked in by four or more kids over the course of five days that it was no longer sticky. And ah ha! Problem solved! I know longer had to mop, I mean yeah, eventually I would have to mop, but not ASAP because my shoe wouldn’t pull up from the floor. So time saving tip….when you have a sticky spot on your floor, invite a bunch of kids over and encourage them to run in and out of the house over and over again. Yeah, your floor will not be “clean” per say, but at least in won’t be sticky!

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