Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More beans please?

So ya know when you were a kid and your mom taught you how to be polite at a meal. Ya know, chew with your mouth closed, use your napkin, oh yeah, and don’t tell people there food is gross. Just discretely throw your plate away, or say I don’t really care for that, thank you. Well, tonight Josh had a court of Honor night for boy scouts and we had dinner there. Well, Bo kept going back up to the table for 2nds, 3rds, and then when he headed up there the fourth time I stopped him. He said, “But MOM, I didn’t get the beans yet!” “ok go get the beans” I whispered They were playing a slide show so I was trying to be quiet. On his way back to the table he took a bite of the beans he was soooo sure he wanted. I just watched him as his face crinkled up. I was trying to stifle my laughter and then with his eyebrows all squinched up using the only volume level Bo uses, which is LOUD, he said. “Yuck! These beans are grossssssss!” “Shhhhh, Bo don’t say that in front of people.” “But I don’t want to eat them, they taste yucky.” He said, still in his original volume. Now he was sticking out his tongue trying to wipe off any bean flavor left in his mouth. I told him to go throw them away and he quit repeating himself. As embarrassing as it was on the lack of politeness scale, he was soooooo cute I just couldn’t help but laugh!

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