Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember when

Today I did a presentation on adversity. Being that it is September 11th, that seemed an appropriate topic. As I prepared for the presentation I found myself reminiscing. I remember exactly where I was that day when I found out. I was in my kitchen getting ready to feed Kate her breakfast. My phone rang and it was my Dad, “A plane just hit the one of the twin towers, turn on your TV!” How awful, what were we going to do. How were we going to handle this as a nation. In my presentation I talked about how it is through our adversities we come away with some of our greatest lessons, lessons that we wouldn’t give back if we could. I reminisce of how through our country’s adversity we as a country came away with our own gold nugget. I remember how as a country we bonded together. Suddenly race, status and political party just didn’t matter. A hand wave from across the street, or eye contact made on the sidewalk meant a little more. We mourned with those who had lost and felt closer to those who were even states away. As horrible as that day was I was pleased to see our country unite once again.

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