Thursday, September 6, 2012

Man time

My cousin is in the army and after a year in Afghanistan he is spending some time here with his family in Michigan. I have enjoyed having him here, I think he is just a cutie. I have always been grateful for and proud of our troops. However, when you hug your little buddy you “mothered” for years, goodbye as he goes off to war, well, lets just stay just about anything patriotic brings a tear to my eyes. Well, this evening my cute American Hero was sitting at my table eating the lasagna I cooked for him. He had been working all day at my moms house so it was 10:00 at night and Michael was down stairs with Josh, being all irresponsible keeping him up. So I hollered down the stairs to recommend Josh go to bed. My smart mouth son with any excuse to stay up later hollered back, “We are having a special father son moment.” I just grinned and headed back to the kitchen. And my cousin said, “they are seeing whose farts smell the worst.” I just had to laugh, cause he probably wasn’t far off. lol

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