Monday, October 15, 2012

Breast awareness ??????

Do you give do self breast examinations? Hmmmm. My doctor asked me this famous question every year, and every year I answer. “ummm no not really, I guess I should huh?” When what I really want to say is…. “Breast examination, well the fact that the word “breast” is in the phrase “breast examination” would imply to me that you have to actually have “breasts!” Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman, but mine or more like “boobies or breastletts” Ya know, the miniature version. I mean, I could literally purchase my bras in the pre-teen section based on size, but I don’t because I prefer to buy the bras with the pre-packaged boobs that I apply daily to give me that little extra curve to boost me into the “grown woman” category in society. Don’t get me wrong I have grown to appreciate my breastletts as I have become wise in my years. I have heard many woman complain of back aches, bra indentation, and the infamous sweat puddle underneath of which I no nothing about. Seeing that I have no “underneath” that area my persiration just dries in the open air beneath my fake perkey “bra boobs.” So yea, I guess when it comes to those “self examinations, I just figure the point is to discover a lump hiding in all the smush. Seeing that I have hardly any smush, and what little smush I do have a smush and push into a push-up, I figure a if a lump choosing to play the game of hide and seek in one of my “breastletts” it will find no place to hide protruding like a sore thumb. And come to think about it, the amount of fondling I have to do to myself to pull every once of all I got into a push up bra and make sure it’s ALL accounted for, well I think that might count as a self breast exam, so I’m thinking the next time my doctor asks me that question, my answer will be, “YES, of course I do!” Seeing that it is Breast Cancer awareness month, I thought I would share a lighthearted story to encourage all you women out there to take care of yourselves. The story might be good for a much-needed laugh, but I do hope to encourage you to nurture yourself. It is easy for us woman to be the caretaker and take care of everyone around us, forgetting to give ourselves the TLC we need too. I know I have told a funny story about “self breast examinations” but it is important to take the time to take care of YOU!!!! I actually lost my Grandmother to breast cancer. So my prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and those who may be battling this disease themselves. And for those who have won this battle a time or two before, you are amazing fighters, and here is to many years to come!!!!!!!! Go PINK!

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