Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pictures with Bo

Pictures with Bo. Need I say more. We had soccer pics the other night. The photographer put me on my designated spot, and then lined up my 4 soccer players that came to get their pictures taken. “Ok, stand up tall with your hands behind your back.” The photographer said to the kids. And 3 of them did just what she wanted. While she said the words stand up tall she had her hands on Bo’s shoulders moving him over just a touch. Well, he stood on his tippy toes, tilted his head up and puckered up his lips as if ready to kiss her. “Hmmmm, that’s a first.” She said with a laugh. “I have never had a kid try to give me a kiss during a photo session.” Yup, that’s my boy! He does lots that people don’t expect. And then she backed up to take our team picture and the next 15 seconds sounded like this…. “Stand up Bo.” “No poses Bo.” “Ok smile, not that big Bo.” “Yup, that’s a good smile, but now you have to stop tipping side ways.” “Put your hands down Bo.” “Stand up straight, don’t look at your mom, don’t look at your friends.” “Hold still Bo.” And finally she said we got it. Not sure we really did, I think she just gave up, I am curious to see what pose Bo will be in when the pictures come back. It was crazy and he was all ham, but I would rather have that, then him crying ‘cause he didn’t want his picture taken. So silver lining being….at least he is not shy….right? lol

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