Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I vote for....America!

Well, I am going to interrupt my vacation stories with a little dip into the political world. Today was election day! I gotta say I love getting the sticker that says “I voted!” As I was driving home today I thought about my feelings toward this election and who I really wanted to win. And the thought crossed my mind, “surely the American people know who is best for this country.” And then I thought to myself, “well, those on the opposing party to me are probably thinking the same thing. Each side is sooooo sure they are “right” for this country. Sometimes I find my self fearful of where our country is headed if “my party” isn’t in office, and then I realized, those of the opposing party have the same fears if “my party” wins. It was at this time I thought, well, when it’s all said and done we are all just doing what we think is best. So at the end of the day, no matter my vote on my ballot, I vote for the American people. I vote for the “good” in each and every one of us. And I hope and pray, that no matter who wins tonight that the greater good that dwells within us all leads our country. We are the Land of the Free, and my vote is that we continue to be!

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