Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can you hear me now......good.

Ok, so back to vacation. I just thought I would share something that happened to me that I thought was, crazy, strange and embarrassing all at the same time. I was getting of one of the roller coasters with my purse in hand. As I stepped out of the roller coaster my knee hit my purse and my phone went flying. I watched it fall through the tracks. Not only was I not eligible for a new phone till February, it was only day 2 of our vacation. There were 15 of us vacationing as a family, so how would I reconnect with everyone when we separated. I mean I just couldn’t go back to the times of setting meeting times. Where will I be without the ability to text, “hey where are you” as we park hopped Disney. I told the coaster workers all about my mishap, they were less than amused. They said they would have to get it after the parked was closed and all the power to the coaster was all turned off. They told me it would be at the park lost in found in the morning. When I left, I really wasn’t sure if they would actually retrieve the phone, or if they did, I wasn’t sure if it would still work. But amazingly enough, the next day it was there and it worked. I texted my husband and said, “The lines of communication are now again open!” He responded with “maybe I was enjoying the radio silence.” That man, why do I love him so much. Hee hee

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