Thursday, November 15, 2012

An ordinary potty break....or not!

While we were on vacation, we obviously used public restrooms we hadn’t used before. Seems like a somewhat normal and mundane experience, but when you have a kid like Bo, everything is a big deal. Bo had to go potty, so I walked him to the restroom and waited for him by the sink, while he did his business. I was standing there totally bored, when his voice echoed through out the bathroom. “Whoah! You gotta see this.” My mind wondered to all sorts of ideas of what Bo was soooooo excited about. Ideas that I don’t care to express in this blog, for your sake. And then my thoughts were interrupted by another outburst. “Mom! These are really cool fwushers(flushers)!” By this time I was both laughing and rolling my eyes. Only Bo could make an ordinary trip to the restroom into an AMAZING discovery. And suddenly his stall door slammed open, and with wide eyes he said. “Mom, you gotta see this. Look!” He says, while pointing to the black plastic handle that apparently to pushed back toward the wall to flush, unlike the usual silver lever to push down toward the floor. “See mom!” he said with his voice still echoing through the entire bathroom. “See mom, it looks wike(like) a black phingy(thingy) and you push it back, wike(like) dis(this).” He said with such emphasis, I was going to have to wipe the spit off the toilet. I just laughed. Oh to be a kid, feeling excitement over the littlest things. We could learn a lesson from them.

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