Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well, yesterday was a very somber day. I thought it interesting that the weather depicted many of our hearts at the grave site today. Yesterday we gathered to celebrate the life of my Uncle Lyle. It was not to long ago I had the experience with him of “Great Uncle Lyle’s sidewalk escape. I remember the night I wrote that story I just prayed someone would read that to him before he went into surgery. I thought it would mean a lot to him and I knew he wanted to hear it. I hoped it would make his day, and give him a smile before surgery. I am finding now that he is gone, it seems I wrote it for me just as much, but didn’t know it at the time. I read it again today just to re-live the last moment I had with him. I found myself cherishing the story, cherishing the experience. I realized that in those times we are doing something for someone else, whether it be lending a helping hand, giving a hug, or writing a funny story about one more adventure and laugh, well, it may have just as much impact on you as you intended for the other person.

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