Thursday, December 6, 2012

Springport Mini Black Friday

I think it is so cute that our elementary has a Holiday shop for the kids. It gives the kids an opportunity to shop in secret for their family, and I am sure makes them feel so grown up. Well, today I had volunteered to help out in the Holiday shop. Boy oh boy, that was entertaining to say the least. My day sounded a lot like this….. Me: Ok, let’s find something for Dad. Would you like to get him this handy dandy # 1 Dad ice scraper!. Kid: No Me: Ok, what about this Awesome flashlight? Kid No Me: Ok, how about this screwdriver, every dad needs a screwdriver? Kid: Oh yeah, he will like that. Me: Ok, put it in your basket. {as I write the cost down on my list to tally} Me: Ok, now how about mom. Kid: Actually, I don’t want to get that for my Dad. Me: Ok, well let’s put that back {as I scribble out my number to tally} And we pretty much re- play the whole scene again for mom and a few siblings. I write numbers, add numbers, scribble numbers and then subtract numbers and the kid says, “ok how much money do I have left” I add it up for the hundredth time to get our grand new total once again, until we are down to the last dollar and then the kid says, “Hey, maybe I could get something for my Nana” Me: Oh yes that would be nice of you. How about this ring? Kid: No Me: How about this pretty magnet for her refrigerator? Kid: Nah Me: How about this picture? Kid: Oh yeah that is perfect!. Me: Ok put it in your basket. {as I write down the number to tally the price} Kid: Well, no I don’t think I want to get that. Me: Ok let’s put it back { as I once again scribble out the number} Kid: How about this, she would love this. Me: Well, you don’t have enough money for this. Kid: Oh, Ok Me: How about this key chain. Kid: No. Me: How about this? Kid: PERFECT! And so the day went. It was too funny, yet absolutely precious and exhausting all at the same time.

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