Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Marvel moment ;)

My son is all about Spider man and Batman these days. I kind of find myself missing the days when Winnie the Pooh was the craze :( Im not ready to take down the Pooh room and put up superheros. But I feel it's inevitable. With all his questions of when he can get a spider man back-pack, or a batman car... I feel my little boy slipping away. However the things he comes up with are kind of funny. This morning he says “Mom, when are we gonna get some batman cheese?” I said “Batman cheese....what is that?” To which he responded with a “Duh” kind of attitude.... “Mom...every Avenger has his own cheese. It makes them strong. Even Iron Man has his own cheese.” As funny as it was a thought occurred to me, it's amazing how much these little people really believe in these superheros. They have never had interaction with them, the superheros have never helped them and yet our little boys BELIEVE they are true superheros. I have seen God work so many miracles in my life. Given me so many different circumstances in KNOWING he is my protector and provider, and yet my faith is still so small. I'm almost ashamed to admit that. I am the type of person that feels the need to be in control. I am working on that and feel I will ALWAYS be working on that, but when it comes to my kids, my most precious possessions I have a hard time giving them to God. Kind of sounds like an oxymoron. Something I want to protect with all of me and yet giving them over to the ALL MIGHTY GOD seems a little too out of control. If only I had the faith in knowing that no matter the plan, God is the only superhero I would ever want to be taking care of my children. It's about time that I believe that God eats His Wheaties and is up to the task of watching over my babies.

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  1. Amen Jess. I have a really hard time with this also. Thanks for the reminder!