Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where have you been all summer

So where have I been all summer! Well, I’d say it’s time for me to get back to blogging. It has been 7 months since my last post, and it’s not ‘cause my life has been too simple. My summer started with a “Camping in the Rain” adventure, followed by me trying my hardest to burn the house down, my mom added Alopecia to her list of challenges and ending with a grand finale of finding out my nephew has a brain tumor, oh yeah, and then apparently, just recently my body “fired” my gull bladder. Yeah! Right!!! It seems kind of crazy to put all that into one sentence. And before that whole chain of events, I was putting my writing energy somewhere else. To let the cat outta the bag, anytime I had a chance to write, I have been working on a book. Well, technically I have been working on 2 books. One book is for TurnignLeaf, the company I work for. I have been ghost writing for Dean Nixon. An incredibly challenging project for me, but I have learned so much from it at the same time. Now my work has been turned over to the “professionals” and I anxiously wait to hear of its progress. The second book I speak of is my personal project. It began as a mere thought in the wind that I might someday compile enough stories and publish them. I started when Josh and Kate were toddlers. And then a few years ago while working on my ghost writing project for TurningLeaf, I thought to myself, “Self!” (I learned to address my self that way from my dear friend, more like a sister, Andrea). Anyway I said, “Self! You just might be able to write a book! Here you are trying to write for someone else, it’s got to be that much simpler to just translate your own thoughts.”(One might think anyway.) And so it began. I started to take my writing more seriously and even began blogging. And then when my sister joined the motherhood club we teamed up and decided to write the book together. And with that news I wanted to announce the “re-opening” of my blog, FlawlessPerfections, with Jess as my Co-Author. As I mentioned briefly earlier, my nephew has a brain tumor, so I believe her story may be beneficial to others who may be enduring similar struggles. Consequently, I took the time to mention the book we are working on, yes, as my “excuse” for not keeping up with my blog, hee hee. It seems I can find an excuse for anything. My hubby says I am gifted for coming up with a way to make everything his fault. Lol For those of you who read, “The Lesson We Can Learn from all this” know I found a way to make it his fault that I backed into my sisters car, when he wasn’t even home. It’s a talent for sure! Anyway, apparently rambling with writing is a talent of mine also! ANYWAY! I mentioned the book because it still feels as though I may never finish the project, and whose to say I will ever get it published and maybe everyone will hate it, and the town will make fun of me. And one morning I will wake up to toilet paper hanging from my trees….ok so maybe my mind gets a little carried away. My point being, I need to take the risk to take the steps of committing to this project and for me, vocalizing it is a risk that will push me forward in my endeavor. Then I must take the risk to submit it to publishers no matter who, if anyone, picks it up. It’s crazy, but to be totally honest I just have the urge to delete this whole paragraph right now. I feel like I am letting you in on my little, vulnerable secret. If I keep it a secret then no one will know if I fail. But that’s the thing, who cares if I do “fail”?!?! We all have things in our lives we are afraid to do, and we hold back for fear of what others will think. And what I have been learning these past few years is, if it scares you, just do it, and then it won’t scare you anymore. Well, not as much anyway. So if you are reading this, then you know I followed through with facing a fear. And I challenge you to do the same. Do something you have always wanted to do, but you have allowed the opinions of others, or rather what you “THINK” others are going to think, hold you back. Because odds are, I could write the worst book ever and my true friends aren’t going to care. In fact they probably would take me to get coffee so I felt better. So in a sense, it’s a win/win. I LOVE coffee!!!! So as I raise my paper cup of coffee, I say here’s to more writing, more laughing and some crying over our flawlessly imperfect lives. Here’s to some possible publishing. Here’s to an improved MRI. Here’s to the “gull bladderless”. Here’s to life. And oh how I love it! Tomorrow I will post a repeat for breast cancer awareness month, and then Monday, I will introduce my sister as a co author and re-open, the blog of FlawlessImperfections and fill you in on the new features to come. And we will begin to fill you in on the crazy events mentioned in my first paragraph and maybe through our journey of hopefully entertaining stories you might find something you can relate to and help you with your own challenges. So as I raise my “over priced” paper coffee cup one more time, Here is to our Imperfections, uniting us together as we all face our challenges while enjoying this incredible gift of life.

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  1. Just in time! Ready to hunker down for the Winter with some good reading from the sisters and anticipation for more to come!