Monday, March 11, 2013

Multi-tasking with a toddler-not recommended

Ok, this mom is not used to toddlers anymore. I was wondering why I was not overrun with blog info. Now I KNOW. I babysat for Jess yesterday and it all came back to me. Oh yeah, this is where my blog material came from- trying to get something done with a 2 year old in the house. So let me just quickly fill you in on my day. I was done working by 1:30 and my sis and I were gonna squeeze in lunch together before I took her kids home with me to babysit. Lunch was great. We had salad sandwiches with the greatest dressing ever that my mom “homemakes”. But once that amazing lunch came to an end, so my ability to multitask without some sort of catastrophe. I had spent the day before packing for a weekend trip so today I planned on finishing up any packing, and then cleaning my house, oh yeah, and cooking dinner. Seemed easy enough, Zayne should just play with the toys, right? Not so much……. “Aunt mame. Wanna haf chips pweeese.” He said so politely with the chip crumbs spraying out his mouth. “Zayne, you need to stay out of Aunt Mames chip basket, those are for the kids’ lunches.” I said. Ya see, I go to Sams and buy 8 bags of chips for the month and then I prepackage them myself to have ready for lunches. It’s cheaper than buying pre-packaged, but still the convenience in the morning rush. But I looked at Zayne and he had already eaten half the bag, probably started on it last time he was here, and I figured he might as well finish it. So up to the table he went. And then somewhere between me stuffing 5 peoples worth of snow gear into large plastic bags to pack for our trip, and wiping down my kitchen counters I was interrupted with, “Aunt Mame, is Zayne supposed to have Doritos.” Said Ayden, big brother keeping an eye on things. Thank goodness he was, cause Aunt Mame sure wasn’t. There was Zayne with a whole NEW bag of chips. He was so covered in cheese I half wondered if it was his third, and I had been distracted, cleaning right while he ate his second. Naaaah! “No no Zayne, that is enough. Go wash your hands.” I said as I grabbed the chips out of his hand.” Zayne was quite happy to wash his hands, and I was happy to let him. Maybe he could just wash them for the next 10 minutes so I could clean up the kitchen. Oh yeah, he stayed in there forever. I got my counters wiped and the last few dishes loaded and then was interrupted by Ayden once again. “Um Aunt Mame! Zayne is drinking the soap!” He said “Zaaaaynnne!” I went running. Not sure how much he drank verses how much he just dumped into the sink to make bubbles. but it was gone. And it was a fairly new bottle, at least have a bottle full. Ugh. On the bright side, his breath smelled like potpourri. His clothes were so doused with soap, everywhere he went he left the scent of a flour shop. Which is better than some of the scents he has left behind, and I am SURE you know what I am talking about. Finally I was able to get the kitchen put back together only to destroy it for dinner. Lol But tonight wasn’t to bad, it was left-overs night. So I fed the kids, while I packed Bo’s school snack for the next day and then they all played computer so my sis and I could eat together when she arrived to pick her kids up.

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