Monday, February 25, 2013

The rest of the story

"Eleven O'clock is the only appointment we have available" the receptionist said "Ok, I will take it." I responded I then ran down the hall to the other pop corn stand that Jackie was running and said, "Well, I gotta leave popcorn Friday a little early to take Timmy to get an x-ray" My son could not walk on his leg but I still felt bad for abandoning my post at "pop corn Friday" , this really wasn't what I had in mind for today. Yesterday Jackie's husband had to carry Timmy to the van for me, after he hurt his leg in wrestling practice. To be honest I just figured he bruised it and in a couple of days he would be back to himself. But when he crawled, literally on all fours CRAWLED into my room at 4am this morning I knew that was not a good sign. And then at 7 am his ankle had begun to swell just a little bit so I figured we were going to have to get an x-ray. Of course Jackie said not to worry about the popcorn and to call her as soon as I new what was wrong with his leg. So off we went. Michael had wrapped it in an Ace bandage and carried him to my van. Once we arrived to the doctors, carrying him in was up to me, and that kid is getting heavy. **** "Well, he broke his leg." the doctor siad. Our PA had called in the doctor she worked with to look at the x-rays. Hot tears began to roll down my cheeks. "He did...really?" I asked looking to the PA, who is not only the doctor we choose to see, but is our friend. She looked at me with empathetic eyes, and said. "Yes, it is broken." "Both bones are broken." the other doctor said "What! Both of them!" OMG so not only did he break his leg bone, he broke his "spare" leg bone. As tears streamed down my face I got a glimpse of Timmy looking at me. Oh Jamie, pull it together for your kid. "Don't worry Timmy. You will be fine, I just feel bad for ya." I said trying to reassure him The doctor then chimed in and said, "You are an 8 year old boy, you will heal very quickly." The doctor then showed me the pictures and sent me to the specialist he recommended. Once Timmy's temporary splint was on, they sent us on our way. I picked Timmy up out of the wheel chair and as I put him in the front seat, "ow, ow, ah, ow" he yelped. "Sorry" I said. "It's not as easy for me to get you into the car as it is for your dad." We had an hour before we had to be to the specialist, so I found a Burger King and we went through the drive through and then ate in the van. I figured I had less chances to hurt him this way. lol When we arrived to the specialist office I piggy backed Timmy into the building and up the elevator to the waiting room. I sat him in the chair and began to fill out the mountain of paper work. When they called his name I knelt down in front of him so he could hop on once again. Only when I bent down I accidentally bumped his leg. "ow ow ow" he yelped again Finally up on the table we waited for the doc. While we waited I told Timmy it was time to re-think his activities. Maybe it was time to quit wrestling and take up scrap-booking. He wasn't so keen on the idea. Finally all casted up I asked the doctor my list of questions. "ok, so how does he shower?" "And, when it comes to playing outside, can I wrap it up and water proof it in some way so he can go out and play?" I asked "Well, he won't be able to walk on it?" he responded "Oh, right, there is that." I laughed in embarrassment. For some reason I had a really hard time getting it through my brain that my kid would NOT be able to walk for 6 weeks. So then feeling bad for him I wondered what we could get away with, so I asked. "Could I wrap his cast in plastic, carry him up the hill, and send him down on a tube?" The Dr. shook his head and said, "When you find yourself wanting to make a choice like that I want you to step back for a moment and ask yourself, is this really a good idea." "Sooooooo, that's a NO" I asked not quite clear what he was saying. lol -Just kidding "Ok, so is that a NO on the water slide too then." I said to the doc with a grin. After the doctor left I knelt down to piggy back Timmy again. As I stood up I banged his cast into the patient bed table thing. "ow!" He yelped again. "OH SORRY" I said AGAIN "Actually, that didn't hurt! Cool, you won't be able to hurt me now mom." he assured me. Yeah I felt like mom of the year. And to top it off, on our way out I slammed his good leg into one of the door jams. "ow! He said, "Geeze mom, your gonna break my other leg." On our way home he was fascinated by what he couldn't feel through his cast. He began knocking on his cast with his fist, and then grabbed an empty water bottle and started beating his cast with that. I, however, was still a little freaked out so I told him to stop beating his cast. And then when we got home, before his Dad even picked him up out of the van, Michael was knocking on Timmy's cast saying, "does that hurt, can you feel that." After scolding Michael, I explained that I just needed to find my bed and absorb all that had happened. Seriously, last night I was asking him to try and stand on his leg, and now his leg is wrapped in a Springport Blue cast. Well, on the bright side it's 6 weeks, and it's winter. I am thankful it is not a complicated break. Doc says he will be as good as new.

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