Thursday, February 21, 2013

How broken does it have to be to call the doc?

So when do ya take your kid to the doc? Having been a mom for almost 14 years now, I consider myself practically a doctor. I have a stethoscope and an otoscope and our doctor has taught me how to diagnose an ear infection. So I tend to try and handle as much on my own as I can. In fact I joke with our doctor about my kids being one step away from death by the time I bring them in. I am definitely not the type of parent that goes to the doc for every sniffle. By the time I get there an antibiotic is usually what we need. Some times when they are really sick I will call and see what is going around and ask how long I can wait before I should come in. I am the same when it comes to physical injuries. I think I was more cautious with Josh and Kate, but by the time Timmy and Bo came along I realized that kids are mostly made of rubber. In fact, Bo and Timmy both have had gashes in their heads that I am sure could have used a couple stitches and my answer was….”take them to Michaels parents cause they are professionals at butterflying wounds.” My sister has stopped asking my opinion on whether or not she should take her kids to the doctor. Her philosophy is to take them before rigamortis sets in. But hey, we have faired pretty well. I haven’t lost a kid yet. So the reason this subject is on my mind tonight is because Timmy got hurt in wrestling and once again the questions arises, “to take him in, to not take him in” yup that is the question. He hurt his leg and was quite distraught and wanted to leave practice, which is pretty much un heard of for him. He has gotten hurt before, but has never wanted to leave practice. And then by the time he went to bed tonight he still wasn’t walking on it. There is no swelling, no projecting bones, and no bleeding! Bummer! Looks like this doctor mom may have to call in the professionals. I mean how can I tape something back together that doesn’t even look broken.

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